Due to strict rules of the corporate business environment, the number of people who start working remote or completing projects as a freelancer increases day by day. The sectors such as knowledge management, online marketing, social media management, data analysis, graphic design, copywriting, web development, photography or blog management require only a good working PC, a healthy internet connection and a motivated and skilled individual who would like to work. Although physical needs can be fulfilled while offering a wifi connection or a good quality PC, motivation is difficult to sustain all the time. Therefore, it is more convenient and logical for many individuals to work at a coworking space rather than staying at home, trying to complete the assigned projects.

The Vibrant Atmosphere of Coworking Spaces

Many freelancers and remote workers prefer working at a coworking space rather than staying at home due to the vibrant and dynamic working environment of these shared office spaces. Although some users think that it might not be secure to use the commonly shared wifi. When it comes to doing financial transactions, it is possible to use a VPN to go online safely. So there is no risk of using the high-quality wifi that is offered by coworking spaces.

Creativity, Cooperation and Attention: Coworking Spaces

Staying at home and working from home might be financially more attractive; however, certain external factors affect human psychology and therefore, productivity. In coworking spaces, you will see other individuals around, focussing on their own work and being productive. This would urge you to complete the tasks awaiting you. At coworking spaces, you will get rid of all the external distractions such as coffee-making or cleanliness of your desk. These facilities would be ready to use or accessible. The level of sounds in coworking space would urge you to concentrate on your job rather than the complete stillness at home that makes you sleepy and unproductive.