The rising trend of coworking spaces influences so many people to quit their nine to five corporate jobs and get engaged with remote work or offer their services as a freelancer. Therefore, the demand for comfortable and cosy coworking spaces within the crowded urban areas increase day by day. The famous capitals of Europe such as Berlin, London, Istanbul, Lisbon and Amsterdam have started to host an increasing number of coworking spaces. Do you already know what to expect from a coworking space? How are the best coworking spaces managed? What are the most significant advantages of renting a spot from a coworking space? Here are the answers.

How to Spot Best Coworking Spaces on the World

Many coworking spaces are actively hosting individuals, freelancers and remote workers from all around the world. Here are some tips to spot the best coworking spaces according to customer experience and the level of satisfaction:

  • If you are a freelancer, remote worker or just an individual developer, you can check for the coworking spaces which offer you free personal development courses that come along with your membership. For example, language classes, yoga classes, stretching activities in the morning would be positive assets of being a member of a worldwide known coworking space
  • If you are a start-up team or a small scale enterprise, you would definitely need a mailing address or an official address. This will increase your trustworthiness towards your next clients. The best coworking teams offer a mailbox and allow you to use the address of the coworking space as your official address, so don’t miss this opportunity
  • Best coworking spaces can also be spotted at the holiday destinations. If you are looking for a yoga holidays retreat or meditation practice, this might also be offered by the coworking space or the hostel that cooperates with your coworking space. Check out for surfing lessons or culinary classes from these hostel or coworking brands.