Co-working spaces offer people endless opportunities for refurbishing or revealing their creative side. Nearly all co-working spaces offer activities and classes with certification if you want to improve your certain skills and create a broader portfolio for your next customer. If you rather have a small team working on a start-up idea or if you are already a medium-sized start-up company, choosing a co-working space as your working environment is still advantageous for bringing more creative ideas for your company and your team as well. Read more on how.

Creativity, Inspiration and Cooperation: The Concept of Co-working

The atmosphere of co-working spaces encourages the use of creativity in almost all areas. This is because co-working space can arrange and re-arrange the area itself according to the events, activities or the services that are offered. Therefore there is no strict and solid working structures in co-working areas. Here is a shortlist of reasons how co-working spaces increase the creativity of users in different categories:

  • For individuals and freelancers: Regularly, co-working spaces offer workshops for the technical development of individuals. The variety of these workshops depends on the co-working space but generally workshops on coding, learning different software programmes and special classes on different branches of digitalisation are offered. These all feed the creative sense of individuals.
  • For self-employed remote workers: Co-working spaces organize tech meetings from time to time which an expert in her/his area pays a visit to the co-working space while sharing the past experiences in the relevant sector. Hearing different developments and opinions from distinct areas of interest adds positively to the creativity of remote workers.
  • For start-up teams: Marketing, good communication for successful customer service, visualization of the new ideas with graphic design are just some pivotal concerns that all start-ups work on. Hearing panel discussions and special talks about these areas increase the creativity of the start-up team while adding knowledge to how to resolve problems in project management.