In crowded urban spaces, it is becoming challenging to find a convenient office which is at the heart of the city. Either these offices are already occupied by worldwide known companies or international firms, or the level of rent for these centrally located offices is outrageous. Therefore reaching the customers while demonstrating a strong and trustworthy image in the city centre is almost impossible for small companies or start-ups. The solution to this problem lays upon the idea of working together in professionally designed coworking spaces.

Advantages of Sharing Office Spaces with Coworkers

There are multiple advantages of shared office spaces in crowded urban areas. Here is a shortlist of economic and physical benefits of sharing your office and working with the other individuals in a coworking space:

  • The rent for an office room for you or for your team would be dramatically lowered. You would only need one or two private rooms for your start-up company.
  • Once you gain membership from a coworking space, you and your team would be allowed to use all common areas and all physical facilities
  • The maintenance of the physical facilities within the coworking area is handled by the coworking management team. Therefore, neither you nor your team would need to worry about the cleanliness of a certain area or functioning of printers, dishwashers or microwaves
  • Working in a coworking space is highly popular among start-ups which generally focus on IT, innovation or digitalisation. So that your neighbours might be the next innovators of popular apps or the developers of next inspiring technology for the future, sharing the same coworking space with you
  • In a coworking space start-up companies can benefit from the richness of people in terms of creativity and intelligence. If your team needs a graphic designer, online marketer or social media manager, it is quite likely that you can find an expert or freelancer working in the same shared office with you.